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i'm callie! photographer and professional baby whisperer since 2013

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Welcome to my Blog! As a Saskatoon, Regina & Yorkton newborn photographer, I do my best to provide articles and other pieces of information, along with examples of gorgeous galleries of my work, to provide you as much value to you as I can.  Browse around, have a look and let me know your questions. After all I am a professional Baby whisperer who just so happens to also take breath-taking photos of them as well!

Sweet Newborn Baby Girl Pictures { Newborn Photographer Saskatoon }

Sweet Newborn Baby Girl Pictures { Newborn Photographer Saskatoon } OH BABY BABY! (Did you sing it like Britney Spears?) You will now have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day – You’re welcome! lol! It is kind of fitting though considering what my website is about. Seriously though, I […]

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The Power of Pictures | Newborn Baby Photographer Sask

The Power of Pictures by Newborn Baby Photographer Sask Raise your hand if you have an iPhone, computer, digital camera, disc or flash drive full of photos…and possibly all of them.  Raise your hand if not one of those has ever been printed.  DO YOU HAVE BOTH OF YOUR HANDS UP NOW? Yah, I thought […]

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