Yorkton SK Newborn Baby Photography | Baby Jaxon

Yorkton SK Newborn Baby Photography | Baby Jaxon

Being able to photograph these perfect little miracles is such an incredible gift. Getting to photograph three babies for this family is a complete honour.  For me, photographing your baby is way more than just taking beautiful pictures for you. It goes so much deeper than that. It’s the connection. Your love. Your life.  I am humbled to hear families stories and to follow along their journey documenting the most cherished moments in their lives.

Jaxon’s momma reached out to me a few months before she was due to see if I would photograph their third baby for them. I was ecstatic and over-the-moon excited for them. Being that I photographed their two gorgeous girlies, we joked that maybe this time it would be her boy. Third times the charm, isn’t it? She contacted me a week before her scheduled c-ssection date, and I told her she better tell me right away after baby arrived, because let’s face it…I’m probably just as excited as they are!! As chance would have it, it was track and field day the day of her delivery date. My hubby suggested we go out for lunch between the kids events, as they were having a hot dog lunch at school and we had a chance to go out to lunch together, just the two of us. Which you know is nearly impossible once you have kids.  As we are getting up to leave the restaurant, my phone dinged. It was Kyla saying baby had arrived. AND. It was a BOY!!! Not a word of a lie, I dropped my phone and started dancing in the RESTAURANT. (insert face palm here) Seriously, not my finest moment. And I was EXCITED… m’kay! Ward says to me as we are leaving the restaurant, ‘You know, if only your clients could witness what everyone around us just witnessed when you hear that baby has arrived, they’d understand just how much you love your job.’ 🙂


Yorkton sk newborn baby photography

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Callie Third Photography is located in Wynyard Saskatchewan. Their property sits on 4 gorgeous acres and they live in the prettiest, cozy farmhouse.  Callie is one of Saskatchewan’s top newborn photographers, whose soft, organic and unique style is one of a kind. As a professional specialized newborn photographer, Callie has attended many classes and workshops with world renowned photographers. All so she can offer you the best. She photographs newborns from all over Central Saskatchewan. Clients have even traveled as far as Winnipeg, MB. to have their newborns first professional photos captured by her!

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