Saskatoon-Martensville Baby Photographs – Little Miss Lyriq

Saskatoon-Martensville Baby Photographs

You guys!!! I got to photograph Codie Prevost’s brand new baby girl!!! (Insert happy dance here)  Seriously, I’m so freakin’ honored to have been chosen to do this pretty little girls first photographs! And isn’t her name just so fitting as the daughter of a country music artist? SO COOL!

Anyway, now that I got my excitement out of the way 🙂 These guys travelled to see me in Humboldt all the way from Martensville.  They drove through some pretty thick crazy fog the morning of their session.  But if you ask them – they will tell you it was SO worth it!

I think my absolute favorite part of this whole session was listening to Codie sing and play his guitar softly in the background during the whole session.  Yes – he only stopped when it was time for his part in the photos.  I remember thinking – someone pinch me.  This has to be a dream because this is seriously the coolest thing that has ever happened to me! I will forever remember this for the rest of my life.  And, you know how they tell you babies are used what they heard while in the womb. Well there must be a lot of truth to that because this little girl was so content listening to her daddy sing.

Isn’t she just a beautiful little snow princess in this first photo?  I’d had this setup in my head for awhile and was so excited to try it.  I’m thrilled with the results! 🙂













This is by far one of my most favorite mommy and baby photos.  They are both stunningly beautiful!


 Swoon!! Look at her little smirk! If you wait long enough when mom is holding their baby, the baby will usually always smile!

They just know when they are being held by their mommas! 🙂

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