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Saskatchewan Baby Photography

::oh, this baby!::

I mean, come on…look at that precious, perfect little face…it absolutely melts me!

I first met Cade’s daddy last summer when he stopped by for coffee one afternoon.  He and my husband had met each other at work and then had travelled to work together.  I think I knew that they were expecting pretty much right after they found out, and all I can remember thinking is –  I WILL get my hands on that sweet baby! 🙂  You see, they struggled for several long years with infertility, and now, finally their dream of having a family became a sweet reality, and I wanted to be the one that got to take his newborn pictures!

It fills me with such great love and joy that I get the opportunity to capture these precious, long-awaited, little miracles.  Even though, this adorable little dude did make me work for every darn pose, lol!  But oh, when he finally gave into me coaxing him into pose, he just melted right into them and totally rocked them!  And….that creamy newborn skin of his complements the grays I chose perfectly.  And that brings up the ever old controversy…is it gray or grey? Hmmm? 🙂









I love this image!  Cade’s mommy brought along this crochet blanket to incorporate into his session.  It was super important to her to have a photo of this blanket because her mom had made it for her to give to her first baby before she passed away.  It touches me when clients bring something really meaningful to have their baby photographed with.




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