Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Recently, a client and I were chatting during her session about what she felt was the most important thing she took with her to the hospital. It got me thinking about my two trips to deliver my two kiddos. Things I wished I had taken and what I didn’t really need. Here’s short list of hospital bag must-haves.

Chapstick and lotion – These are an absolute must. The hospital air is very dry and your hands will get chapped super quick with constant washing. It’s also nice to be able to indulge in your favorite scented lotion after taking a sitz bath or soak after labor.

Your own pillow – Uuuummmm yes! Need I say more? 🙂

Nipple cream – honestly, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would enjoy slathering my poor nipples in cream, but my goodness it is such a relief. Your nipples haven’t done this before and while trying to learn breastfeeding (you and baby). Nipple cream can be a soothing welcome.

Cute robe – a robe is nice to have to keep you warm and allow you to cover up when visitors arrive. A cute one will make you feel good and also looks great in photos that you will be in. Baby Be Mine Maternity has super cute ones and even matching outfits for baby. Pink Blush Maternity also has super cute ones as well.

Comfy pj’s – having your own comfy pj’s or nightgown beats wearing those wonderful open back hospital gowns.

Slippers – hospital floors….ewww!

Sleepers for baby – so much easier and comfy for baby than the thick flannel, rough gowns the nurses put them in. I remember struggling to unwind my son when it came time to change or feed him. Thankfully I learned my lesson and brought a stash of sleepers when my daughter was born.

Depends underwear – oh my gosh, I wish someone would have told me about them for post partum. Those mesh underwear and huge bulky pads are so uncomfortable. It’s one of those things no one talks about or tells you about after giving birth. The struggle is real though. I would much rather have worn a depends than those bulky, brick like pads, especially when sitting and feeding baby.

Fave snacks and drinks – the night after delivery can feel very long, especially if you deliver after the supper rounds are over. It is so nice to be able to reach for your favorite snack to help keep your energy up.

Charger and extension cord – you’ll likely be using your phone ALOT. Whether it’s updating all of your family and friends or taking photos of that cute new face. An extension cord is handy to reach the far away plug-ins so you can keep your phone as close to you as possible.

Make sure you pack your hospital bag must-haves far in advance. You never know when baby with decide to make their grand appearance. You’ll be so glad you has every put together 🙂

hospital bag must-haves

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