Three Reasons Why You Should Have Newborn Photos Taken Saskatoon Newborn Photographers Yorkton Newborn Photographers

Three Reasons Why You Should Have Newborn Photos Taken Saskatoon Newborn Photographers Yorkton Newborn Photographers

If I had to describe what my newborn sessions feel like, I would say they feel easy like Sunday morning.

I always schedule my sessions around 10:30 am. The reason is that I have learned over the years from being a mama to two babies and from photographing hundreds of newborns, is that they tend to be calmer and sleepier in the morning. Also, natural light is way prettier in the mornings.

So when you arrive at my studio, things are just getting going. Coffee is typically brewing, depending on the day, my kids are either in school or still lazing in their pj’s watching a movie and fresh donuts and apple fritters from our local bakery are sitting on my counter just waiting to be enjoyed.

Our session is never rushed or pressured. We visit as I’m gently posing your new baby.  Your older children, if you have, will likely be watching movies, playing with the toys all while bopping around checking on me and checking things out 😉 Baby needs to eat 10 times, great. I’ll make sure your comfortable, getting you an extra pillow for support or a glass of cold water.

When you leave, I want you to feel like you just had a cup of coffee with an old friend.

Ok so three reasons why you should have newborn photos taken….

#1. Because Father Time is an Asshole (He really is!!) Newborns don’t give you second chances. You can’t postpone or stop them from growing. They change exponentially within the first two weeks. I swear I tell every client that comes to the studio that, I sooo wish I knew me when my kids were newborns. Honestly! Because you’ll forget! Those first few weeks after having your baby, it’s like one day literally slides into the next. Somedays, you have no idea what you did all day. It’s so intense that you think there is no way you’ll ever forget. But the days, they then slide into weeks and the weeks into months, and you’ll blink one day wondering just were those days went, as you are sitting across from your dinner table discussing school and projects and sports with your 10 year old.

Three Reasons Why You Should Have Newborn Photos Taken Saskatoon Newborn Photographers Yorkton Newborn Photographers

#2 Because Photos Stand the Test of Time! That’s right. Those cute outfits – yah, they’ll literally outgrow them overnight.  That high tech expensive stroller – it’ll end up collecting dust in the garage. And that fancy bassinet that rocks them to sleep – in about 6 months it’ll be a distant memory once your baby is sitting on their own. But these gorgeous photos? THEY. WILL. LAST. FOREVER!

Saskatoon Newborn Photographers

#3. And because they are so frickin’ cute! Am I right, or am I right? Especially when they are done by me 😉 So don’t hesitate to have newborn photos done. No one has ever told me they regret it!

“It’s been well over a year since Callie worked with my family and I am still SO in love with the final outcomes of all the photos!! Her space is so relaxing and inviting and I definitely felt comfortable and taken care of while watching Callie work with my little one! Highly, highly recommend this talented lady to all those looking for newborn sessions!” ~ Tanya

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Callie Third Photography is located in Wynyard Saskatchewan. Their property sits on 4 gorgeous acres and they live in the prettiest, cozy farmhouse.  Callie is one of Saskatchewan’s top maternity and newborn photographers, whose soft, elegant, organic and unique rustic style is one of a kind. As a professional specialized newborn photographer, Callie has attended many classes and workshops with world renowned photographers. All so she can offer you the best. She photographs newborns from all over Central Saskatchewan. Clients have even traveled as far as Winnipeg, MB. to have their newborns first professional photos captured by her! And…she loves the hell outta this job 🙂

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