Adorable Rustic Newborn Baby Boy Pictures {Humboldt Sask Newborn Photographer}

Adorable Rustic Newborn Baby Boy Pictures Humboldt Sask Newborn Photographer

Adorable Rustic Newborn Baby Boy Pictures Humboldt Sask Newborn Photographer

I think it’s more than safe to say, that all of my clients come to me because they love my style..whimsical, vintage and rustic all rolled into one! When I called this little guy’s momma to discuss her vision for his session she said – Just do what you do with all of your vintage rustic goodness.  🙂 Done, done and done!! Love that clients trust my vision and get excited when they walk into the studio and see all the props and such that I have pulled and planned for their baby’s first photoshoot.

This little guy was suuuper sleepy.  We only saw his cute little peepers right at the end of the session when I was getting him dressed to go home. Yes..I dress my little people to go home.. It’s something that I love to do because, now that my littles are on their way to being big kids (or so they tell me everyday) I don’t get to dress them anymore.  You just never know when that last time will be…

Back to the vintage rustic goodness, without further adieu..Mr. Nathan..


****All the rustic heart eyes****





****LOVE LOVE LOVE this angle, shooting from the shadows! His cute little profile though!****


And, of course, no session is complete without the cutest little froggy pose <3


 My absolute favourite part of all Newborn Sessions – the parent poses and family pictures.  It is such an honour to me to be able to be the one to give your your first family picture. Even though some moms tell me they don’t want one, I force them to. And. They all. And I mean ALL, tell me how grateful they are that I forced them to take one with their new love. Even if no one ever sees it but you. You’ll be so happy that you have that photo 10 years from now.



Adorable Rustic Newborn Baby Boy Pictures Humboldt Sask Newborn Photographer

Need some new mommy therapy? This beautiful brand new momma said that before coming to see me she felt out of sorts. And. After hanging out and chatting some new mommy girl talk, mentioned that hanging out with me for 3 hours seriously felt like therapy.  That she felt like a normal human again. That. That is one of the reasons I do this. To connect. To lift you up. Guaranteed you will leave with a hug. Because. We are all in this together.

Much Love!

Callie XO

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