11 Facts I Know You Are Just Dying to Learn About Me!

So, right now I am in the process of taking a course called That Thing You Do.  It’s about knowing yourself and your clients, and creating an emotional connection between each other.  One of the blog prompts this week was to write a post about myself and what some little quirks of mine were in hopes to connect with you.  Because connecting with people like me will create a trust between us and that is pretty much what human nature is about, connecting with people that are like our selves, through our values and beliefs, (more on that to come later)…

So here goes, my 11 (because how boring would only 10 be) facts/quirks about me…..

  1.  If you’ve never taken a personality quiz before to learn about yourself and how the world sees you, you really should.  I have recently learned that I am ‘The Authentic’. This means that I am very trustworthy and passionate, which in turn means that I create strong emotional connections and I make people feel at ease with my loyalty and warmth. I am approachable and intuitively understand the feelings of others. Maybe that’s why I am the strong nurturer that I am, always making sure that everyone is ok. Apparently I share personality traits with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Dr. Oz, Mother Theresa and Oprah Winfrey. Just don’t expect me to give you a car, and you a car, and you a car (waving my arms around like Oprah as she gives away cars)!
  2.  I am one of those people that has to carry her groceries in all in one trip. I hate making more than one trip for things, even though by the time I get to the door my arms have gone numb and are about to fall off.
  3.  I am an introvert – while I love socializing with a few friends, being out in a big noisy crowd tends to overwhelm me.
  4.  I tend to bust out lines from Disney movies during conversations all.the.time. My kids think it’s funny and will try to guess the movie and are pretty much always spot on with their guesses.
  5.  I am always barefoot, even in the dead of winter I go barefoot in my boots and shoes.
  6.  I still sleep with the ‘blankie’ that I had when I was a baby, even though it’s more like a couple of strings all tied in a knot now. (I seriously can’t believe I just admitted that!) I’ve actually found a few people just like me and we have started a secret blankie club.
  7.  I love to torture myself by volunteering to bake and decorate the most intricate cookies and cupcakes for my kids classrooms for special occasions. I always get these grand ideas in my head and the next thing I know, it’s now midnight and I’m still decorating these stupid cookies, muttering about how much I hate doing this. And then, guess what? I do it all over again the next month, because my brain apparently forgot about the pain and torture I went through the month before.
  8.  I don’t usually make time to watch alot of TV. But I am obsessed with the show Outlander. I have read the book series at least 3 times through and am determined that someday I will go to Scotland and find Jamie Fraser. Oh, and the show Naked and Afraid! Don’t even get me started – I mean seriously – um…WHY???
  9.  I love flipping houses. My husband and I have just finished flipping our 4th house together now. Every time we buy a house we say, ‘OK this is the last one!’.  Then, next thing you know we’re out driving somewhere and I’m all like “Oh, look at that CUTE house!”
  10.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lululemon – doesn’t everyone? 😉
  11.  I have always wanted a little girl with long gorgeous red hair. I joke with my husband all the time that, that is the only reason actually I married him.

The two little people who drive my passion and never cease to inspire me everyday…



So, what are your funny little quirks that make you, You?  Feel free to post one in the comments.