Newborn Baby Pictures Saskatchewan | Baby Cruz

Newborn Baby Pictures in Humboldt, SK. and Area

This little man came in for his newborn baby pictures when he was 5 days old.  Cruz is the fourth and last baby for this family and it was super important for his momma to capture him this little.  She just wanted to soak up every last second of him, her last baby, being this small.  She didn’t have professional newborn baby pictures like these done with her other children – so this session was extra special to her.  This is the reason I do what I do.  To give these mommies memories of the very first days of their new baby’s lives.  That first month goes by SO fast and in such a blur, and they are changing so quickly, that these photos will be all that’s left of that sweet, cuddly baby in just a few short months.

This session has a pretty cool story to go along with it.  You see, I grew up with Cruz’s mommy and daddy.  Her and I went to the same church growing up and my sister and her were very good friends in high school!  SO it’s super cool to me that I get to document the sweet little babies of people I know and that I grew up with.  It’s always so fun to connect with people again and to see what they are up to now 🙂

Oh and can we PLEASE just talk about his mohawk for a second?!?  I mean, COME ON!!  Is that not the most adorable little mohawk on the most adorable little guy??  Gah….I die!










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