Planning Your Newborn Photo Session

You have done your research and have chosen a newborn photographer whose work you adore.  You are ready to plan your newborn photo session.  You may be wondering what to do next?

1. What? Contact:

It is never too early to contact your chosen newborn photographer to schedule your newborn photo session.  You should considering booking at least 2-3 months in advance of your due date.  This is because a newborn photo session is very time sensitive and if you wait until after baby is born, you will be super busy and may forget to schedule a session, and by then it most likely will be past that ‘ideal’ time.   And if you are marked down in my calendar, even though you booked months ago, I won’t let you forget about your session.  I will get in touch with you on or before your due date to check in with you to see how you are doing and how things are going.  Just because I am awesome like that 🙂


2. When? Schedule Your Newborn Photo Session:

Once you have contacted me, I will put your due date in my calendar as your tentative session date.  Once baby has arrived, I ask that you contact me within 2-3 days, so together we can schedule your actual session date before baby is 10 days old.  Newborn sessions are done when baby is between 5-10 days old because it is during these first 10 days that baby will sleep much more soundly.  They are still able to curl up and I am able to pose them in those cute, dreamy poses you will have seen in my portfolio.  After 10 days, they will have grown and will be awake more frequently and stay awake for longer periods of time.  They have also been stretching their little bodies a lot and won’t be quite as flexible as they were when they were first born.


3. Where? In-Studio or On-Location:

Newborn photo sessions are usually held in my baby-dedicated studio.  With that said though, I can absolutely come to your home for an in home on-location session if you need.  There are always pluses and minuses to each type of newborn photo session:


  • The studio is a controlled environment.  I have complete control over the light and know exactly the perfect temperature to get the studio to before you arrive for your session
  • You have complete access to ALL of my props.  Although I completely plan out your session the night before, you may see a prop in my studio you love and want to use instead of something I have chosen, and that’s great!
  • It is a much needed change of scenery for you.  You are able to get out of the house and visit with me while I take care of your baby for an hour or two.  Clients tell me this is their favorite part – to be able to get out of the house and have somewhere to get dressed up and go to! But…
  • You may have had a rough delivery and not be up to leaving the comfort of your home yet



  • Your session is done in the convenience of your home.  I will have a list of a few important instructions for you to do before I arrive
  • Sessions may take longer than the 3 hours.  Baby may not sleep as well – this can be because of it not being hot enough, changing light and other distractions, such as siblings
  • Props are limited – I can only bring  ‘just’ what I need for your session


4. Why? Because these photos will be the only thing you have to remind you of how tiny that little baby was just a few short months ago:

As always, go with the photographer whose works stands out to you and you love.  If you are at all thinking ‘I guess any photographer will do…she’s close to me so I’ll just go with her.  Even though her newborn work is kinda ok, I’ll just settle for her just because it’s easier” – You probably won’t end up with those once-in-a-lifetime photos that you just can’t live without.  I have clients that travel over two hours to my studio because they love my work and know they will be disappointed if they settle for someone who is close and whose newborn photos are mediocre.  I know it may seem scary to travel any distance with a newborn, but trust me when I tell you this is actually the easiest and best time to travel with a baby.  At this age, they usually just sleep once they are in a vehicle, it’s when you hit that 3 month mark it gets harder to travel with them, they are aware of everything and get bored easily from their tiny attention span.

My studio is in my home, where everything is relaxed and casual.  I make it my mission to make sure you and your baby are comfortable and well taken care of during your newborn photo session.  I want you to have a awesome experience and feel completely ‘at home’ while you are here.

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